Talon International is a United States-based private military company (PMC). The company has provided services for the U.S. military in several theaters, especially in the Green Sea region around Takistan. Most of their business is ground-based, unable to compete with more exclusive private security firms such as ION, Incorporated.


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News footage of Talon SUV with contractors inside.

Little is known about Talon, International. Originally only an American-operating security company, they were able to amass enough money to go worldwide. The corporation employed a number of American and European contractors alike to perform their dangerous duties in Takistan. Beginning in 2013, Talon began to experience some severe attacks by the local insurgents, and their armed personnel were being overwhelmed and killed in various ambushes.

The Takistani insurgents began targeting Talon in particular, as their contractors, identifiable in brand new black SUV's, were softer targets than American or NATO military convoys. Talon's main business was conducted on a stretch of territory between the city of Nasdara and the US Air Force base just west of the region, where over 150 guerilla attacks had taken place, particularly on foreigners.

Nasdara AmbushEdit

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Media coverage of the Nasdara attacks.

On May 20, 2013, Takistani insurgents in Nasdara attacked a convoy containing four American private military contractors from Talon, International who were conducting a delivery of electrical supplies for the US Military. The four contractors, two in each SUV guarding the convoy, were shot and killed almost instantly. Their vehicles were unarmored, so they were made easy targets for the bullets of their attackers. Altogether, seven men perished, including three civilian drivers of the convoy trucks.

By the time the media had arrived on the scene, the insurgents had fled, leaving the SUV's set alight, where they burned in front of the rolling news cameras. This event was one of the causes of the U.S. military attack on the city a few days later, in search of the killers.

Talon, International, meanwhile, denied all liability for the deaths of their operatives. The media, which was constantly focusing on the incident, maintained that mistakes had been made which had cost those four Americans their lives. But, with so many contracts and such little transparency in Talon, it was almost impossible to find out who was responsible, if anyone.

Two weeks or so after the ambush, the AAN News Network released a special on the shootings and even sent a crew into Takistan to cover the story. Talon, International provided security for the journalists while they were there, and provided an armed escort to take them safely to the nearest airport once their work was done.

Known EmployeesEdit

  • Martin Van T'Sea