An SUV (sport utility vehicle) is a generic marketing term for a vehicle similar to a station wagon, but built on a light-truck chassis. A fleet of such vehicles, armored and unarmored alike, are utilized by the private military company ION, Incorporated and are by far the most common drivable vehicle in ArmA II: Private Military Company. In this case, most ION SUVs are, in fact, limousines.




Although designs vary, SUVs have historically been mid-size passenger vehicles with a body-on-frame chassis similar to that found on light trucks. Most SUVs are designed with an engine compartment, a combined passenger and cargo compartment, and no dedicated trunk such as in a station wagon body. Most mid-size and full-size SUVs have three rows of seats with a cargo area directly behind the last row of seats.

SUVs are known for high ground clearance, upright, boxy body, and high H-point. This can make them more likely to roll over due to their high center of gravity. Bodies of SUVs have recently become more aerodynamic, but the sheer size and weight keeps their fuel economy poor.

Utilized by ION, Incorporated in the company's fleet of formidable vehicles, SUVs serve as adequate defensive security vehicles.

Even an unarmored SUV has several advantages over sedans and limousines for security work in that they give superior observation of the road ahead; have a ramming capability; have the ground clearance to jump curbs; and the 4-wheel drive capability to go off-road if necessary.


A total of five civilian SUVs appear in ArmA II: Private Military Company.

  • SUV #1: The first SUV to appear in the game. Destroyed by insurgent gunfire and artillery shelling during the first mission, Inception.
  • SUV #2: Used to escort the UN investigations team. Destroyed along with the UN personnel in an alternate final mission, Deception.
  • SUV #3: Stolen by Mark Reynolds after he went rogue. Contained unstable fission materials discovered by the UN investigations team.
  • SUV #4: Used by ION personnel guarding the UN team in Deception.
  • SUV #5: Driven by Brian Frost and Henry Asano in the final missions, Termination or Deception.


An SUV appears briefly in Inception as the vehicle driven by Patrick Dixon. It is eventually taken out of action by artillery shells and gunfire from Takistani insurgents. This is the rendezvous point for Dixon and his colleagues, Brian Frost and Henry Asano.

The damaged SUV is abandoned in the city of Zargabad once an ION helicopter arrives to rescue the three contractors.


Two ION SUVs appear at the beginning of Reception, at the American Air Force Base. Weapons can be stored in these, and the player, for the first time, is given the option of being able to get into the vehicles.


The same two SUVs from Reception also appear in the 'Vocation' Mission, parked outside the abandoned factory compound. However, they are kept locked, and inaccessible during this time.


At least two more SUVs appear in Confirmation. The first one takes some gunfire from an insurgent as the SUVs, carrying the UN clients and their ION guards enter the outskirts of Zargabad. However, it provides protection enough from the small-arms fire.

One of the SUVs escapes at the end of Confirmation (Together with Mark Reynolds and the UN team), but the second is left behind and subsequently reappears in 'Inception'.


Two new SUVs appear in Transportation, along with the Armored SUV. These are part of an ION convoy bound for the Proving Grounds, a former nuclear testing area.


The same two SUVs from Transportation reappear in Elimination, and are still accessible for the storage of weapons and equipment. However, they only appear at the beginning of the mission and are not easily reachable again for the rest of the gameplay.



Official Vehicle Model for ION SUVs

The same two SUVs from Transportation and Elimination reappear in Malfunction, and are still accessible for the storage of weapons and equipment (They are parked around the bunker near the ION campsite). Eventually, the Armored SUV is destroyed in a UAV raid on the ION contractors, and Brian Frost orders his team to move away from the SUVs to draw fire away from them.

Both vehicles eventually survive the night.


The two SUVs at the ION campsite again materialize in Retaliation. A computer laptop with the controls for an ION UAV appear atop the hood of one such SUV.


In Preparation, one of the SUVs is loaded with deadly fission materials discovered in the bunker by the UN team. Two SUVs on the ground (With the materials and the UN clients, respectively) set off in convoy style, seeking air protection from an ION helicopter piloted by Brian Frost, Henry Asano, and Patrick Dixon.


In Escalation, Mark Reynolds goes rogue and steals the SUV with the nuclear materials. Two more SUVs appear, one with the UN team, and a third, new, vehicle, which is parked outside the ION compound.


If the player chooses the 'Deception' Mission in the game, three SUVs will appear: Two as part of the UN convoy which must be destroyed in order to complete the mission, and one driven by Brian Frost and Henry Asano.


If the player chooses the 'Termination' Mission in the game, two SUVs will appear. One driven by Brian Frost and Henry Asano, and a second, which is driven by Patrick Dixon and an ION strike force out to murder Reynolds and his supporters. The first SUV instantly appears at the beginning of the mission, and the player is expected to drive it to the ION compound, where they must kill Reynolds to complete the mission. The second SUV appears at the site of Dixon's fatal ambush, where he and his men are killed by Mark's supporters. If the player completes the 'Verify Dixon' side-mission, they can use this vehicle, which may be useful if their own SUV has already been damaged.