Mark Reynolds is an U.S. citizen and a former CIA agent employed by ION, Inc. as the PMC Team coordinator. He is one of the characters in ArmA II: PMC and the main antagonist. His callsign is Stranger.

In the game, Mark Reynolds is voiced by Daniel Brown.

Biography Edit

Mark Reynolds was born in February 24, 1976. After graduation from Modern Middle East studies at Yale in 1998 he joined the CIA. He served as a field operative in Europe and got into disagreement with his superiors regarding the operations in Green Sea region. This led him to the political backwater of Sahrani in 2006. He warned the intelligence services of a potential conflict on Sahrani, but was ignored.

In 2009 he provided intelligence data from Chernarus, preceding the U.S. Marines' invasion of Chernarus. He was responsible for the extraction of intelligence from Mikola Bardak, a second-in-command of the ChDKZ. He also assisted in the capture of wapons dealer Aslan Radayev. His final CIA-based assignment was the investigation of kill of top Chernarussian geologist's death in Karzeghistan in June 2010.

ION Employment Edit

During the course of his final investigation in Karzeghistan Reynolds established close connection with Black Element PMC. After leaving the CIA he was immediately hired by Black Element as a team coordinator supervising the security of humanitarian aid workers and other clients.

During the Operation Black Gauntlet Reynolds coordinates the team which protects the group of UN investigators who are investigating the abandoned Takistani nuclear weapons program. After the discovery of nuclear materials Reynolds goes rogue and escapes with the evidence, demanding the elimination of the UN inspectors before they could make their findings public. Then, it's up to the player whether he sides with Reynolds or exposes his employer's conspiracy.