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There are a number of major and minor characters alike who make their debut in ArmA II: Private Military Company.

Each main character has his own unique appearance, personality, and back-story, making them easier to identify at a distance. All of the main characters are PMC's (Private Military Contractors) who are either playable or only available as an computer-controlled ally. Every PMC plays the same; their differences are purely cosmetic and do not alter gameplay. When controlled as AI Bots, PMCs will have preference over specific weaponry, and will always carry that type if possible.

Main CharactersEdit

Brian "Poet" FrostEdit

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Main article: Brian Frost

The main character and protagonist in the game. A former soldier in the British Armed Forces, Brian Frost saw active duty in Iraq and Takistan before being persuaded by his old combat buddy, Tanny Radcliffe, to consider taking up a career as an international mercenary or private contractor. Frost accepted and took up an offer to join ION, Inc.

Considered, in many ways, to be the most sensible of his fellow contractors, he has achieved a level of respect from those who work alongside him. He is often referred to by his nickname, Poet, which was originally derived from an attempt by Patrick Dixon to mock Frost's reveries of former operations in Takistan. Brian's personal journal logs are also available for viewing during gameplay. His weapon of choice is the XM8.

Brian Frost is voiced by Jim High.

Henry "Ry-Man" AsanoEdit

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One of the main characters and the secondary protagonist in the game. Aside from Brian Frost, he is the only playable character. As an 18-year old American enlistee, he served dutifully in Iraq and Afghanistan during the American operations there. Nine years later, Henry Asano left the U.S. Army, where he was serving as a specialized marksman and sniper. Seeking better money for investments back home, Asano joined ION, Inc. looking for a quick career to amass enough wealth and retire comfortably in California.

Of all his fellow PMC's, Asano is the most level-headed. He is comfortable working with Brian Frost, and the company often pairs the two together while on missions.

Henry Asano is voiced by Kendrick Ong.

Mark ReynoldsEdit

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A former CIA agent and possible antagonist. A CIA Agent who has worked across Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia, Mark Reynolds has a long history of successful field operations on his record. His last CIA assignment saw him come into contact with ION, Inc. while investigating the death of a Chernarussian geologist, who was ambushed and killed while working on the border of Takistan. ION, then known as Black Element Security, cooperated with Reynolds during his investigation and established lasting ties with him. Subsequently he was appointed to the rank of a project coordinator after leaving the CIA and seeking a job with ION.

During the final stage of Operation Black Gaunlet in Takistan, Reynolds, who is supposed to be leading an ION force in defending a UN investigations team, betrays them, goes rogue, and makes off with several crates of materials used to manufacture Nuclear Weapons. The player is given the choice of either siding with Reynolds and remaining loyal to ION, or going rogue himself and killing Mark.

Mark Reynolds is voiced by Daniel Brown.

Patrick DixonEdit

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One of the most experienced employees of ION, Inc. Patrick Dixon is often assigned leadership roles. A cynical Australian veteran, he is hardened and merciless when it comes to completing contracts for ION, treating others with disdain and a thick, insulting, sarcasm. Nothing will stop Dixon from completing a mission, but he is sometimes ready to leap into dangerous risks which place the whole assignment in jeopardy, something he has often been criticized for. Although involved in a scandal which seriously embarrassed Black Element back in 2009, he was retained by the corporation when it renamed itself ION.

Dixon's sole weapon of choice is the Auto-Assault 12 Combat Shotgun, a powerful weapon that can be loaded with high-explosive shells. This he wields with deadly accuracy, but cares for it like his own, even going so far as to give it a nickname: 'Matilda'.

He is voiced by Andrew James Bridekirk.

"Tanny" RadcliffeEdit

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An old Scottish colleague of Brian Frost's, "Tanny" Radcliffe fought in Takistan with the British Military. After a series of clashes with his superiors, he left the army and applied to continue his military career--this time in the private sector, joining up with ION, Inc. He is characterized by his exceedingly foul language and violent temper, but can always be depended on and trusted to fight a battle.

Tanny is buried alive in a collapsing building during the first mission of the game, Inception. However, he does reappear in several subsequent campaigns, set as prequels leading up to Inception.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Ivan Ruce--Head of UN Investigations team in Takistan
  • James Eckersley--British ION contractor
  • Roland Saunderson (Tanny Character Model)--South African ION contractor
  • Martin Van T'Sea--Talon, International contractor
  • Sarah Sissman--UN investigator
  • Daniel Sissman--UN investigator
  • Jared Green--UN investigator
  • Nicholas Green--UN investigator
  • Richard Nielson--UN investigator
  • Miguel Wright--UN investigator
  • Michael Thompson--UN investigator
  • Checkpoint Charlie Sergeant--American soldier
  • Zargabad Casualty--ION contractor
  • Jeremy Moore--ION contractor
  • Miguel Lee--ION contractor
  • Black Cap Contractor--ION contractor
  • Raymond St. Pierre--Canadian Executive of Vrana Industries
  • Unidentified ION Marksman--ION contractor