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ARMA 2: Private Military Company (often incorrectly referred to as Armed Assault 2: PMC) is the second expansion for the tactical shooter video game ArmA 2, which includes a new campaign, environment, vehicles and weapons.



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ION, Inc. Private Military Contractors

Three years after the conflict in Chernarus, portrayed in the original Arma 2, a new flashpoint in the Green Sea region heats up and coalition forces led by the US Army are sent to Takistan to quickly restore peace and prevent further civilian casualties in this DLC to the standalone expansion pack (ArmA: Operation Arrowhead) for the best military simulator of 2009 – Arma 2.

Two months after the Allied military victory in Takistan, the new government is restoring the war-torn country. NATO forces assisting in this effort face the threat of insurgency, waged by the remnants of the defeated Takistani army in the mountaineous regions of Takistan. Company team of British paratroopers patrolling the treacherous mountains in Zargabad's vicinity is ordered to battle the amassing guerilla warriors.


One year after British and coalition armed forces successfully quelled the insurgent uprising in the Takistan, the NATO Green Sea deployment is in the process of a strategic drawdown of combat troops in the region. Private military contractors shoulder the burden of the increased workload, with competition rising between the multinational organisations for lucrative security contracts. Private Military Company, ION, Inc. (formerly Black Element), successfully bid for a contract - codenamed Black Gauntlet - to provide security for a UN investigation team as they seek to piece together information regarding Takistan's abandoned nuclear weapons program.

Facility OKB-754 was the central hub of Takistan's nuclear weapons Program, which reached it's zenith in late 1999 with the detonation of a 5-10 kton device, before being forcibly abandoned due to sanctions from the international community. The test site was devastated by an underground detonation, which exceeded the expected yield and breached the surface of the ground, distributing a small quantity of radiation around the immediate area and forcing any local activity out of the region. Operation Black Gauntlet follows a new recruit hired by ION who accompanies UN investigators pursuing information pertaining to Takistan's abandoned nuclear weapons Program, as he executes a conflicted contract - spanning the breadth of the volatile nation - from inception to termination.

Set in the visually attractive environment of rugged Central Asia, ArmA 2: Private Military Company will add even more depth to the already extensive size of the most realistic combat simulation experience available. Unprecedented freedom of movement, action and tactics - together with hundreds of models and epic sandbox-style maps - creates the most authentic military simulation game: war without the training wheels.


The second downloadble content pack to be released for ArmA: Operation Arrowhead, Arma 2: PMC (private military company), adds the ability for the player to play as a contractor for a private military company. It also includes a new campaign and additional vehicles and challenges.

Main FeaturesEdit

  • New Playable Content
    • Brand new story-oriented singleplayer campaign, unfolding across more than ten missions featuring full 2-player cooperative gameplay.
  • New Faction
    • Private Military Company, featuring several highly experienced professionals with long and bloody histories.
  • New Weapons
    • Exotic new weapons, including the automatic combat shotgun AA-12 and fully modelled XM8 in numerous variants.
  • New Vehicles
    • Attractive new vehicles, such as the Ka-60 'Kasatka', Armed Helicopter UAV and Armoured SUV.
  • New Environment
    • Unique abandoned wasteland style military weapons test range environment, built upon brand new models and textures.


Main article: Characters

There are five main characters in the game, but only two are playable, Brian Frost and, as a multiplayer option, Henry Asano. AI characters include fellow military contractors Patrick Dixon and Tanny Radcliffe. Every character has his or her own unique appearance, personality, and background, though all Survivors are equal in speed, strength, and health, etc.


Main article: Campaigns

Each of the twelve campaigns has the player(s) follow a unique objective, working together with their team to accomplish a specified goal and allow the storyline to proceed.


The game has received warm reviews from critics. Although the maps and weapons received praise from reviewers, they go on to say that its steep learning curve might deter people from playing. PC Gamer goes on to say of ArmA's Operation Arrowhead and its DLC's: "If you aren't open to the idea of spending days getting accustomed to a control scheme, understanding the layout and functionality of complex communication menus, and partaking in a style of gameplay that rewards patience, planning, and perseverance, then it's not very likely you're going to enjoy the intricate product Bohemia's created." IGN elaborates saying "It's a game only for the dedicated, but if you've got the desire and the attention span, it's absolutely worth checking out.." Critics also point out that the game engine it uses still has AI glitches like its predecessor. Many critics also said that the game was too computer-intensive, causing many "hiccups" in performance.


  • The Arma 2: Private Military Company is the addon for Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and/or Arma 2: Combined Operations. It can not be played seperately and does require the original game in order to be played.